Bridges to the Elms Plus Experience

After nearly a year of comprehensive collaboration through listening sessions and surveys with faculty, 工作人员, students; information gathering by subcommittees; and benchmarking, 榆树大学 has developed five critical strategic areas to lead our efforts as we move forward in line with our mission, 愿景, 和价值观. Please note: The 榆树大学 Strategic Plan has been extended for one additional year – through 2024.

Click on each of the five institutional priorities listed below to learn more. You can also download the 执行概要.
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Teacher and student in a classroom



  • Build a robust faculty mentoring and development program, including the needs of diverse faculty.
  • Ensure that distinctive elements of an Elms education are incorporated into all academic programming.
  • Implement a comprehensive plan for the innovative delivery of ElmsFlex programs with a commitment to accessibility for all students.
  • Maintain a continued focus on identified academic program priorities.
  • Identify new academic program opportunities for planning, resource allocation, launch.


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扩大 Experiential Learning

  • Advance Experiential Learning (EL) at Elms and oversee the Keating Schneider Fund and the Elms Internship Advantage Experience Fund.
  • Establish the position of Director of Experiential Learning.
  • Increase the number and types of EL opportunities available.
  • Create a pathway for EL throughout the Elms Plus Experience from day one through graduation.
  • Make EL accessible for all students.


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提升 Ethical Leadership

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to infuse ethics and ethical leadership development into all academic and cocurricular programs, as well as the liberal arts core.
  • Institute ethical leadership development as a hallmark feature of the Elms Plus Experience that will distinguish the college regionally and nationally.
  • Establish the Center for Ethics, Religion and Culture as the visible manifestation of the college’s commitment to our 天主教徒的身份 and contemporary academic and public engagement.


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参与 Our Learning Community

  • 建立多元化, 公平的, inclusive campus through increased underrepresented student enrollment and faculty and 工作人员 hiring and retention.
  • Empower students through leadership roles effecting positive changes in the college, 当地社区, 这个世界.
  • Carry on the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph by engaging students’ learning through spirituality and service to the Dear Neighbor.
  • Improve living and learning environments in the residence halls, 教室, flexible affinity spaces.


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  • Increase undergraduate enrollment pool geographically and with fully online/nontraditional students.
  • Increase student retention of academically underprepared, 住宅, underrepresented populations.
  • Increase graduate enrollment.
  • Increase student athlete enrollment by modernizing athletic facilities.
  • Augment and track fiscal stability of the college.
  • Boost donor funding through a multi-year comprehensive capital campaign.


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